Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Heh....YAY for sl screwups! My store got zapped night before last....completely. The entire building. There my clothing was hanging in the breeze like magic all by itself. My husband had to work on it all night to get it back up *hugs and kisses to him for being so good to do so*

So we made a few small changes while we were rebuilding it so I thought I'd post a few more pics of the store...

Tuesday, August 5, 2008

New Store!

Finally! A flagship store all of my own, land, land, land!

The grand opening Sunday, Aug 3, was fantastic! Thank you all for showing up and making it great!

Some new releases this week...

First is a plaid gathered tube top with a sweet little top ruffle; a postively chokingly cute outfit with two top styles, a tank and a tee, both short, with a little patterned heart skirt. The panties feature little booty ruffles (why should little girls get all the fun?) and the skirt is rather...floofy :)

Next are capris in a boatload of colors, with sculpty cuffs.

Simple knit sweater texture tube tops in stripey fun!

Glitter minis with two skirt options, flexi that has side slits that show when you do your sexy walk and a sculpty. Have you realized i LOVE sculpty skirts yet?

Last is combo of two items, button flats with bows in black with blue accents, and blue furry, fuzzy legwarmers! All items available in many color options! Check out the store for more pics and items!