Friday, April 17, 2009

New dresses!

Betty is an adorable cafe au lait background with paisley pattern in a high waisted capri and mini dress set. Capris have flexi cuffs.

Gypsy was a fun beaded set to make :) Two skirt options are included as well as optional waist and head sashes. Sashes come in dyeable and matching color options!

Lastly Eclectic Victorian is a sweet little number in lots of ruffly lace and sateen material. It's accompanied by a stylish small hat, neck ruff and stockings.

Sunday, April 5, 2009

Lots New! Releases, Lucky Chair, MM...

If you've not already received the two latest gifts in the subscribe-o join up and grab them! First one is a sweet little marshmallow peep that follows you around and cheeps like you're it's momma wherever you go. Rezz a flock of them and they all run after you together! Adorable!

The most recent group gift is Zara in pink. Zara is a daring, bold, saucy dress just made for dancing. It features two skirts, an asymmetrical skirt that looks great salsa dancing, and a little mini for that sexy flirty style.

Zara comes in 8 total colors, four are black with color accents, four are colored with black accents.

I've set up my lucky chairs a bit different now. I have one that is the usual I've had that features several nice pieces, either lucky chair exclusives or items for sale in the store, available in 10 min intervals. I've now added another that will feature some premier items in 20 min intervals. The first set is two dresses that I've not released yet. Dainty in sunshine yellow is a lucky chair exclusive and won't be released any other way! Classic Evening in Black will be released for sale eventually but for now it's ONLY available in the lucky chair!

And lastly, the Midnight Mania has changed and will be up for about a week. It features a lovely little lingerie duo, two skirts, long and shirt, black lace...devine.