Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Yikes! I've been so busy creating I haven't updated the blog!

But I do have to pop in and show you one of my latest!

Glory is a lovely little mini 4th of July dress! And best part...she comes with shoes! My Dolly Dots new line and this is a special patriotic edition with starred straps and bows!

Buy it on XStreet here

I'm also signed up for a few more upcoming hunts! The Macabre Hunt promises to be a fantastically morbid hunt for you all! Fairy tales with a dark twist...yum!

Slice of Summer hunt is coming from none other than Cutey Magic, organizer of the Bunny Hop! She did such a great job and I'm honored to be invited back for this one! She's handpicking stores so it should be full of great things!

Satisfashion is the other new one coming up.

New updated hunt list:

A.S.S. Light Up the Sky Hunt - July 1-15th

Total Betty Presents Cinderella's Lost Slipper Hunt - July 1-31

Slice of Summer by Cutey Magic - July 11 - Aug 2

Macabre Hunt by ...:::Rasetsukoku::... - Sept 16 - Oct 6

We're still wrapping up the SL Discovery Hunt, Bedtime Treasures Hunt, Through the Looking Glass Hunt and Fun in the Sun Hunt. We've also just started the RFL Hope Hunt for cancer research, the best hunt I'm doing of course :)

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