Saturday, July 19, 2008

Just added...NEW dollarbies

Late Friday night I added some new dollarbies to the clearance floor. I know strange, since clearance implies something that was once higher priced, but dang it I wanted that dollarbie area looking fuller! These are just three of the six new tops on the dollarbie wall! The middle one is a real cutie, little guy named Fuzzy, with bright pink jelly stars on a black tee. A teensy summer halter adorned with daisies on the top and an emote girl on the bottom green tee, with fuzzy flowers hovering over her pink ball cap!

7/18 new releases...

This week's new goodies at Sweeter Than Candy...

A sweet three dress set in a draped satin...a boatload of colors available.

Tank dresses in another boatload of colors, including colored tops or black tops.

Mens! Finally! Men's jeans and casual button down long sleeve, yet summer weight, suede shirts in yummy rich colors.
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*passing out the chocolate*