Saturday, January 31, 2009

Look! Look! Look!

I just had to post this. I was contacted by Chiana Meredith, owner of a posh little boutique called ChiChickie. HAIR ladies! HAIR! She had made a sweet little valentine hat and hair set for V-day and wanted to use my own latest valentine special in her ad since our two creations seemed to match so well. I loved the hair and had to show you!

So if you're so inclined give her a visit!


Now for my latest releases...

The Cupid Sistahs. Kinda hot, kinda bad, mean to poor Cupid.

Fluid comes in a rainbow of colors and is only at the Lovely location right now. But I'll be moving it to the main location Sunday, Feb. 1.

GUYS! Finally I remembered you! Actually I haven't forgotten you, as who could ever forget a man? But I've been concentrating on women's fashion as that's what I know. I'm finally releasing more men's though and doing so with a thought to how you hate to shop. Ladies you can purchase for the guys or the guys can themselves. I've created two versions of each of my latest men's releases, one copy, one transfer (both are mod). This way girls you can buy for your men and give to them, or guy's can pick which version they want themselves. Each vendor box for the new men's releases has two buttons, 'copy' and 'transfer'. Use THESE buttons to purchase the appropriate selection.

Hoodies come in a boatload of colors and the sweaters come in five. There's also a new line of denim for the guys, four different color variations.

I also have new shrugs out. They are available as single sets, shrug and corset underneath. Corsets on the shirt and undershirt layers with the bottom on the underpants layer for a tucked in cami kinda look. The shrugs are on jacket and shirt layers. The colors are scrumptious!

The monocrhomatic (plus red) set is not out yet but I wanted to tempt you. I'll be releasing it FIRST as a Midnight Mania set!!! Then after a few days of that I'll put it up for sale for those that don't want to fool with the MM.

My Valentine freebie from up above on XStreet and inworld at my main location right now is I Luv You Valentine. It comes in two dress styles with two waist sashes, and shoes!! Who luvs you?!

Yvette is a sweet dress with two skirt options, flexi and sculpty and comes in a variety of color options.

Last but certainly not least, Woolies is a grunge sweater set in four colors. This, like Fluid, is only at the Lovely location right now but I'll be moving it to the main store soon!

The Lovely location, for those of you that haven't visited yet, is having a half off Saturday sale each week. I am placing several things each week at half off for the promotion. Many other designers from the shopping area also participating. Today we had over 30! So make sure you visit and grab the deals! It's an adorable sim shopping experience with sweet and nifty building styles.

Sweeter Than Candy at The Lovely Shops

Make sure you explore the whole sim for the great deals!

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Gothic Doll Part Deux

I added two more colors by request to the Gothic Doll set, purple and teal.

Monday, January 12, 2009


What perfect way to START posting again (dangit) than with tonight's new release?!

This sweet little number is something I LOVED making! I had such fun :) I hope you enjoy it as much as I do. She's loaded, including skin (I can't believe I did it!), hair - cute pigtails, shoes - my ever so popular dolly hearts, a collar and adorable skirt with a big waist bow! She comes with ripped version and new version.

More recent releases:

Desi is a sweet dolly like number as well, in six colors. I've added shoes to her dress as well! What a steal!

Chloe is a crocheted lingerie set in wonderful yummy colors. Sunset is my fav!

Candy Hearts, Dolly Hearts and Sweet Hearts, these ADORABLE shoes are so popular! Grab them all!

Starry Night, a sweet little retro number perfect as a cocktail dress for dinner and dancing!

Sheath is a sleek dress in 6 hot hot!

My leather minis come in adorable colors! 8 in all! Get them quick! Like candy!

Exotic Gothic...I think I look like Genghis Khan O.o was fun! :D Comes with a cloak too, this is great for rping!