Sunday, November 1, 2009

We're very excited at Sweeter Than Candy today! It's the official announcement of a wonderful line of ... SKINS!

If you've never checked out the skins created by Pearl Vollmar of Fior di Perle now is your chance! She's graciously agreed to place a display at Sweeter Than Candy and her skins are wonderful! She works with original realistic bases and painstakingly creates from the base up a wonderful blend of painted and realistic skins in natural, fantasy and goth styles!

Use the link below to directly link to STC inworld to check out these skins! Her display is located on the ground floor, to the right, amongst the lovely PixelDolls dresses.

VisitSweeter Than Candy inworld!

Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Several new hunt gifts going out for October so be sure to grab up the freebies!

I also have some new releases to blog.

First hunt is the Witch Hunt. See billboard at the entrance of the store to find the landmarks for ALL the stores in a notecard :) Great for you to do this hunt at your leisure and visit the stores you want to!

My offering for this hunt is a paisley skully bib dress.

The Pumpkin Prints hunt gift is...

The Pumpkin Prints hunt is a regular pick up the next lm with your gift type of hunt so just follow the lm in with my gift to continue the hunt. There is a hint sign at the entrance to the store for the Pumpkin Prints hiding spot.

Now for a few new releases...

School Girl comes in five colors and has matching shoes to this little plaid number!

Kitty comes in seven colors and features matching leopard print boots for this two skirt mini dress. All items are modifiable.

Vanise is a sweet little short formal that comes in five color combos. This is my favorite, taupe and pink.

Annelise is a recent release in 10 colors! She's a lovely fall toned formal with a slit skirt. The mist featured here is in the Midnight Mania for one week!

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Saturday, August 1, 2009

Mega Post!

MEGA info for a mega post!

First BIG news...the gift card system is completely up and running! I'm still investigating how to offer you more deals and sales with it so be patient for taking advantage of it just a bit longer!

This also means you can now trade in any old system gift cards you still may have. There are specific rules for this process though, to make it easiest on me mainly! 99 percent of these gift cards I will be replacing are the free ones given to my update group, so please keep that in mind when reading these rules. They may seem strict but they are necessary in order for me not to go crazy! There are over 8000 of you and even if a small degree of you have gift cards to exchange we're still talking several hundred. This method is going to make it easier on me to exchange your FREE cards.

1. Card exchanges will only be accepted through Sept 1, 2009. One month.

2. Create a folder in your inventory and name it STC Gift Card Exchange [YOUR NAME], replacing the brackets with your avatar name PLEASE! This is so very important. If you do not do this I won't know who the cards are from or they may end up in odd areas of my inventory and never be found again! Any cards not received as described above will not be exchanged.

3. Place the cards in the folder. Next Check to see if I am online via my profile! It will say "CURRENTLY ONLINE" at the top if I am. I have not hidden my status so when I am online you will know I am simply by looking at my profile. Please DO NOT send me friend requests. This is simply too big a project to take care of in that manner and I will decline. You are the ones needing the cards exchanged so it is you that should check for my status. Why? Because I don't want you sending me the folder if I am not online. It may get lost or denied and your cards CANNOT be exchanged if that happens. So anything delivered while I am offline will not be eligible for the exchange. NO EXCEPTIONS!

4. After checking if I am online and sending me your folder if I am, please wait patiently. I will work on these as quickly as I can in the order they are received, but that doesn't mean instantly. You may need to wait a day or two or three.

Remember, these are mainly free cards I am exchanging for you. Key word is free. Be patient, read the rules, and be understanding.

Now for new releases!!

Summer Plaid is a sweet little, sassy set! Plaid short capris with sculpty bottom cuffs, a simple banded short tank and available in three colors! Purple, pink and blue. These sets are only 75L!

Jane's Depression is probably my favorite! She's available in red, pink, teal, gray and purple. It comes with boots, hat with skully charm, quirkly little dress and on all layers!

Cheshire kitty! My offering for the recently finished Through the Looking Glass hunt was Cheshire in purple! I recolored in black and pink by popular request!

Bandana comes in four colors, blue, berry, green and red and features a skimpy little bandana print top with sculpty cap sleeves, a jean skirt and cuffed capris as well! All layers for this outfit as well.

Delicate Blush is a fun and flirty babydoll and capri set available in six colors! Two are shown. The babydoll is short but can be worn without the capris. I've offered the dress bottom and the capris both on both bottom layers for however you wish to wear it :) Top comes on all top layers as well.

Firefly is a sweet little zippy floral on black velvet dress set! It comes with two skirt options and culottes! You remember those sassy little split skirt outfits we used to wear?!

Rounding out this post are a new hunt gift and the group gift this week! Aida is a sexy little salsa dress number with a few mini skirt options as well, and also a flouncy little ruffle at the chest! Options we love options ladies! The satisfashion hunt is a bit different. Click the group join sign at the entrance to the left of the store for more info on how to participate in this hunt. It involves wearing a VIP pass to be able to receive the gifts.

Rocker Babe is a four plaid skirt outfit combo that has a tight black tank top and ripped fishnet footless tights too! I hope you enjoy!

Again, thanks for being so patient during my revamping time recently! I had some great survey answers that I've taken into serious consideration. you'll find a new info hub in the right hand side of the ground floor. We've always had a hub but this one is more clear, streamlined and easier to use I think. We also added in ramps at the front for all levels! I had tp boards by each entrance and allowed for open entrances into the six different departments for ease of flying but many asked for stairs. The design of the store didn't really leave room for stairs but I brainstormed with my partner and we came up with the black ramp system out front! I hope you appreciate the improvements we've added!

The store has a simple rectangle layout, three floors, each one divided into two sides. There is a store directory at the landing point. Wait for it to rez. There is also a map of the directory you can receive at the info hub :)

I hope I've made your shopping at STC that much more pleasurable!

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Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Yikes! I've been so busy creating I haven't updated the blog!

But I do have to pop in and show you one of my latest!

Glory is a lovely little mini 4th of July dress! And best part...she comes with shoes! My Dolly Dots new line and this is a special patriotic edition with starred straps and bows!

Buy it on XStreet here

I'm also signed up for a few more upcoming hunts! The Macabre Hunt promises to be a fantastically morbid hunt for you all! Fairy tales with a dark twist...yum!

Slice of Summer hunt is coming from none other than Cutey Magic, organizer of the Bunny Hop! She did such a great job and I'm honored to be invited back for this one! She's handpicking stores so it should be full of great things!

Satisfashion is the other new one coming up.

New updated hunt list:

A.S.S. Light Up the Sky Hunt - July 1-15th

Total Betty Presents Cinderella's Lost Slipper Hunt - July 1-31

Slice of Summer by Cutey Magic - July 11 - Aug 2

Macabre Hunt by ...:::Rasetsukoku::... - Sept 16 - Oct 6

We're still wrapping up the SL Discovery Hunt, Bedtime Treasures Hunt, Through the Looking Glass Hunt and Fun in the Sun Hunt. We've also just started the RFL Hope Hunt for cancer research, the best hunt I'm doing of course :)

VisitSweeter Than Candy inworld!

Sunday, May 17, 2009

New Midnight Mania this week...

and new totally free freebie! Find it for now in the new release section next to Just a Li'l Nip!

VisitSweeter Than Candy inworld!

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

New item up tonight in the store and on XStreet! Comes in five color choices, red, purple, gray, pink and blue.

Just a Li'l Nip is a super sexy exposed outfit on all layers. Comes with ripped shorts, pushed up tee that exposes a nipple and a barely there modesty micro bra.

See on XStreet here!

Visit Sweeter Than Candy inworld!

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

I have a new freebie up on XStreet SL, that is ONLY available on XStreet! Grab it while you can!

Summer Raspberries is a two outfit combo with flexi mini skirt and black long shorts with flared cuffs. The tops come on all layers for versatility and feature sleeves or sleeveless. Glove layer provided for extra long sleeves as well. Click the picture above for the link!

VisitSweeter Than Candy inworld!

Sunday, May 3, 2009

Sweeter Than Candy new releases this week!

Rip and Buckle features a ripped and buckled leather shirt and leather glossy pants, on all layers of course! They go really well in cyber mode with the new...

Cyber Angel Boots!

Boots and outfits are available in coordinating colors! Boots are resize scripted.

Also new and hot...

Helene is perfect for that office job this summer and is still incredibly sexy! It features a high waisted skirt and pants base for many options and is layered as well. Bases are available in black and white and halter tops in 6-pack add ons! Bases come with the three tops they are shown with.

Also new is bikini two packs with sculpty sarongs in the offering San Tropez!

Many colors offered here too! And these come on ALL Layers!!!
Here are the prizes for the SL Discovery Grid Wide Hunt! The biggest grid wide hunt in SL ever! We're #342 and have created three prizes for this hunt, men's, women's, and children's (girl).

We're also in upcoming summer hunts if you keep an eye on that sort of thing...

May 9-23 Mother's Day Hunt from Sugar Mill Poses, Lovely Shops at Gateaux Blvd and O Magine Homeworks

May 25-July4 Through the Looking for purple!

June 1-30 Bedtime Treasures Hunt promises to be an especially 'sweet' hunt *wink*

June 1-30 Fun in the Sun...says it all!

July 1-31 Total Betty Presents Cinderella's Lost Slipper Hunt!

July 1-15 A.S.S. Light Up The Sky Hunt - Independence Day offering plus something for those that don't celebrate that particular holiday! Yeah I love the name too :)

Friday, April 17, 2009

New dresses!

Betty is an adorable cafe au lait background with paisley pattern in a high waisted capri and mini dress set. Capris have flexi cuffs.

Gypsy was a fun beaded set to make :) Two skirt options are included as well as optional waist and head sashes. Sashes come in dyeable and matching color options!

Lastly Eclectic Victorian is a sweet little number in lots of ruffly lace and sateen material. It's accompanied by a stylish small hat, neck ruff and stockings.

Sunday, April 5, 2009

Lots New! Releases, Lucky Chair, MM...

If you've not already received the two latest gifts in the subscribe-o join up and grab them! First one is a sweet little marshmallow peep that follows you around and cheeps like you're it's momma wherever you go. Rezz a flock of them and they all run after you together! Adorable!

The most recent group gift is Zara in pink. Zara is a daring, bold, saucy dress just made for dancing. It features two skirts, an asymmetrical skirt that looks great salsa dancing, and a little mini for that sexy flirty style.

Zara comes in 8 total colors, four are black with color accents, four are colored with black accents.

I've set up my lucky chairs a bit different now. I have one that is the usual I've had that features several nice pieces, either lucky chair exclusives or items for sale in the store, available in 10 min intervals. I've now added another that will feature some premier items in 20 min intervals. The first set is two dresses that I've not released yet. Dainty in sunshine yellow is a lucky chair exclusive and won't be released any other way! Classic Evening in Black will be released for sale eventually but for now it's ONLY available in the lucky chair!

And lastly, the Midnight Mania has changed and will be up for about a week. It features a lovely little lingerie duo, two skirts, long and shirt, black lace...devine.

Monday, March 30, 2009

More Newness!

Candy Doll is a remake of the Desi dark colors dress. I made a set of light colors for spring! They also come with coordinating shoes. These sets are $25L lower than the Desi and are $175!

Day Glitter dress are bright and vibrant for spring! They are available on all layers as well and feature two skirt options, a fab sculpty skirt and a short flexi one. This has got to be the best sculpty skirt I've used yet! I love how it blends so well.

Friday, March 27, 2009

Bunny Hop Grid Wide Hunt Starts!

The Bunny Hop Grid Wide Hunt starts today! Grab my freebie if you've not already done so and get the starter egg from the group join kiosk or touch the egg poster at the egg prize location in my store! Mine is super easy to find lol, follow the marshmallow bunnies!

300 unique stores in this hunt, big but not TOO big! Lots of original goodies so have fun with it! Hunt runs through April 19 so there is plenty of time!

Monday, March 23, 2009

3/23 New Releases!

Sweet Cheeks is out this week! The red is still in the Midnight Mania board so you can grab that for another day or two! Available to buy colors below...

She's really daring yes! Half your butt shows but if you like that sort of thing she is just so dang sweet....

Also out this week is Punk Me! Punk Me features clothing on all layers for versatility. It comes with tights, gloves, dress upper and lower, sculpty collar and poofy skirt.

Punk Me is available to purchase in five colors. A few other colors might pop up as exclusive camp or lucky chair freebies...hehe.

Also I was working on Easter colors of Desi this weekend and added two more colors of the Candy Heart shoes as a result!

I can't help it these shoes are just so dang cute!

Last but certainly not least...

Sleep Tight is a sweet little skimpy jammie set that is free! It's still in the new release section as of this posting but it is free! I'll move it to freebies when I move the rest of the store around now that I opened the second floor...or when I release more new releases lol, whichever comes first!

That's all for now!