Monday, March 30, 2009

More Newness!

Candy Doll is a remake of the Desi dark colors dress. I made a set of light colors for spring! They also come with coordinating shoes. These sets are $25L lower than the Desi and are $175!

Day Glitter dress are bright and vibrant for spring! They are available on all layers as well and feature two skirt options, a fab sculpty skirt and a short flexi one. This has got to be the best sculpty skirt I've used yet! I love how it blends so well.

Friday, March 27, 2009

Bunny Hop Grid Wide Hunt Starts!

The Bunny Hop Grid Wide Hunt starts today! Grab my freebie if you've not already done so and get the starter egg from the group join kiosk or touch the egg poster at the egg prize location in my store! Mine is super easy to find lol, follow the marshmallow bunnies!

300 unique stores in this hunt, big but not TOO big! Lots of original goodies so have fun with it! Hunt runs through April 19 so there is plenty of time!

Monday, March 23, 2009

3/23 New Releases!

Sweet Cheeks is out this week! The red is still in the Midnight Mania board so you can grab that for another day or two! Available to buy colors below...

She's really daring yes! Half your butt shows but if you like that sort of thing she is just so dang sweet....

Also out this week is Punk Me! Punk Me features clothing on all layers for versatility. It comes with tights, gloves, dress upper and lower, sculpty collar and poofy skirt.

Punk Me is available to purchase in five colors. A few other colors might pop up as exclusive camp or lucky chair freebies...hehe.

Also I was working on Easter colors of Desi this weekend and added two more colors of the Candy Heart shoes as a result!

I can't help it these shoes are just so dang cute!

Last but certainly not least...

Sleep Tight is a sweet little skimpy jammie set that is free! It's still in the new release section as of this posting but it is free! I'll move it to freebies when I move the rest of the store around now that I opened the second floor...or when I release more new releases lol, whichever comes first!

That's all for now!


Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Wow! Do I ever need to get on the ball! Lots to report this post...

Most know (or I hope most do!) about my store move, the main store is now at Anders sim, slurl here Sweeter Than Candy!

If you've not seen it well...I have to show it off! I've been wanting this build for a store for awhile but it just wasn't big enough in it's original state. Since my lot is a lot smaller than my full sim was I had to compensate with the build, so I treated myself to this lovely! I actually made it four times as tall lol and I have a whole second floor still to fill with my men's and other things. So keep checking the blog and the store for new!

The clearance store, small store to the left of the main store is up and going too! I haven't posted to the group yet about it specifically but I've sent out the link. Everything is $10 and includes a lot of items recently in the store, now moved to clearance!

More photos inside...

What's that you ask?! Oh yes that's a Bunny Hop Hunt sign! Yep I'm in! 300 stores handpicked by the hunt staff to be qualified as unique and different, offering things not of the normal fare. Just WAIT til you see what I have as my prize! Ooh I can't wait!

Ok now for a few recent releases...

If you've not grabbed the group gift of these fab suede boots in the group join kiosk do so now! They won't stay in there long! Just touch to join, touch again to access the history, and grab the March 1 gift!

This little sweetie is my Midnight Mania gift this week!

She'll be a full release in four other colors later :)

These shoes are flying off the shelves!

More of my heart line of shoes, cute little cloggy shoes with cute little heart details! In a boat load of colors, these being the latest!

I also have Kelly here, a new release of a cute little tennis outfit with sporty striped shorts, a lightweight cotton oversweater and an undertank, complete with an additional skirt base and flirty little tennis skirt. Athletic and cute!

She's available in six colors, black, teal, pink, purple, tan and green.

I'm busy working on more lovelies for you all!